Welcome to the first step in building your ideal wardrobe. The most important factor of any wardrobe is its functionality. We all want to have our dream closet with our favorite pieces but if we can’t wear these pieces in our everyday life then what’s the point? 

If at any point you felt like you struggled to get dressed for a certain occasion then you have come to the right place.

I am honored to walk you through this beautiful journey to create the ideal wardrobe that works for you. It might seem like a long process but I promise that every point matters and I will make it as simple as possible.  

Let’s start with the vision and what you need to consider:

A- The Preparation

 Consider your environment

The country you live in plays a big role when it comes to building your closet...

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 Consider your lifestyle and goals

It is very crucial to take into consideration your lifestyle and your goals...

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 Consider your body shape

Your body shape plays a major role when it comes to picking clothes and outfits...

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 Consider your personal style

Your personal style plays a big role when it comes to building your ideal wardrobe...

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 Consider your colors

When building your own wardrobe, considering your skin tones and colors is crucial...

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 Consider what your closet looks like

Your wardrobe in its current shape and style is important to help you in the process...

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B- The Application

 Declutter your wardrobe

There are four steps that you can follow in closet cleaning...

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 Analyze your pieces

To determine if a garment should remain in your wardrobe, you need to ask...

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 Consider what is missing

You can create a list of what items you need to shop for to bring your wardrobe full circle...

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 Consider what goes where

Try to organize your closet in a way that it becomes accessible for you...

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C- The Maintenance

 Maintaining your wardrobe

Quality clothes are worth protecting for longer life & better looks...

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 Reading your care label symbols

It is important to check out the care label attached to it to avoid ruining your garment...

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