What's Your Environment?

The country you live in plays a big role when it comes to building your closet. 

Let me give you an example; I live in Kuwait. For most of the time our weather is hot. We do not have four distinct seasons as our spring and fall are very short-lived. Our winter is however cold. 

This means we have two distinct seasons that require two seasonal wardrobe changes. The best way around that is to have a core wardrobe that stays in place all year round and then swap the seasonal pieces that you need for that season at the beginning of it. 

In my case, since our weather is hot for most of the year when it’s spring or fall I just add an extra layer over my summer outfit in case it gets chilly; be it a denim jacket, a blazer or a lightweight cardigan. Furthermore, the fact that our temperature is high for most of the year it makes more sense that I invest more in lightweight pieces than heavy sweaters and coats that I would only wear for three months out of the twelve. 

Having said that, when you are building your wardrobe consider where you live in terms of weather conditions, seasonal changes (so you know how many wardrobes swaps you will need) and temperature.