Choosing how much prints or patterns our wardrobe includes depends on one’s personal style and taste.

Some people can only do prints and patterns in accessories like bags and/or shoes, while others would go the extra mile and wear a leopard print bodysuit under a solid color suit. Then you have others that love mixing prints and patterns and create whole outfits based on that (Personally guilty of the last one). 

As it is a personal decision, I personally recommend you take into consideration the following points when selecting your prints to make sure you are choosing what works best for you:

  • Scale: How small or large the print or pattern is

  • Line movement: How your eye travels while looking at the pattern (Horizontally, vertically or diagonally – Curved lines or straight lines)

  • Clarity of edge: Edge of the print or pattern is either sharp or soft

  • Space surrounding the pattern: Also known as the density of the print or pattern. How far or close are the elements of the print or pattern.

Add your basics

Your basics are your go-to items whenever you want to start getting dressed. They belong in your core wardrobe. Based on your lifestyle and environment you know better what you spend most of your time in and what is it you reach for the most in your wardrobe (it could be jeans, loungewear, skirts, suit pants – It is completely up to you and based on your lifestyle). Keep in mind that if you usually have trouble selecting an outfit to some occasions maybe you are lacking some items in your core wardrobe. When selecting your basics, it is important to keep these points in mind.

 For a fun and versatile wardrobe, select different styles for your basics while making sure they all compliment your body shape, personal style and coloring.

Add your occasional wear

We all have these events and occasions that take place every once in a while that we need to dress for and attend. They are not necessarily activities that are part of our daily lives but we still need to consider them. Make sure you note them down and break down the outfits you will need – What your basics do not cover, consider adding it to wardrobe.

Choose your seasonal items

Your seasonal items are the pieces that you swap back and forth as the seasons change; i.e. your jackets, scarves, hats, gloves, beach bags, etc.. Take them into account when you are creating the vision of your wardrobe.

Consider your fabrics

Choosing the correct fabric is very important. It is always advisable to choose what is comfortable for you while taking into consideration your environment, lifestyle and your body shape. For example, if you spend a lot of time outdoors and you live in a hot and humid country you should opt for a fabric that is breathable to minimize sweating, like cotton or something as light as linen. On another note, fabric is also important when dressing your body shape as you should always choose a thicker option when picking out a top for an apple-shaped body or denim for a pear-shaped body. 

I will include a blog post in the near future showcasing all the types of fabrics available and their characteristics.