As human beings, we tend to think about several things at once, especially us women. I highly doubt that any of us opens their closet remembering every single piece of clothing we own and where it is located.

Having said that, try to organize your closet in a way that it becomes accessible for you. Whether you choose to divide it by color, category, outfits, core wardrobes, occasion, or anything that makes your life easier; just make sure that your eyes can see everything. It is always better to keep the items that go together close to each other so it makes it easier to find them and put outfits together. The key is to have everything visible to you.

Some people take pictures of all their different outfits for all their occasions and document them in an album that they refer to, while others prefer to use apps on their phone where they also put pictures of their outfits that they can go back to in case they need a mind refresh.