When creating your ideal wardrobe, it is very crucial to take into consideration your lifestyle and your goals. 

Look at your daily life and what your days consist of mostly to know what your outfits needs are. For example, if you spend most of your days working and rarely socialize, your wardrobe should mostly include work outfits. If your style at the office resembles your style out of the office then all you need is one core wardrobe and just mix and match your pieces differently to match your activities. 

Similarly, if you work out five days a week your wardrobe should include more active wear than a person who works out 1-2 days a week. 

Another example would be if you work in a bank or a law firm and your dress code is very formal whereas your personal style outside of your working hours is very colorful and flamboyant, your wardrobe should include two core wardrobes (you can have basic pieces that you can swap back and forth between both wardrobes) to cater to both. 

Also, an important factor I urge people to consider is their goals. If for example you have your eye on a senior position at your workplace it is important to dress the part; so keep that in mind when you are buying workwear.